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Lilliana is a completely unique and innovative luxury swimwear brand.


We have a patent pending for the lifting technology which lifts and shapes the buttocks of the wearer.


With our specialist adhesive gripping material and unique strap system, the buttocks are pulled up and in for the ultimate lift and shaping! This is all finished with a beautiful and luxurious Italian fabric which is sustainable and eco-friendly.


The bust is also enhanced with the same specialist adhesive material to boost the cleavage of the wearer using no underwire and only light removable padding.


Take a look at our ‘Before and After’ photos below of our model wearing a standard, competitor bikini and the lifting and shaping effect of a Lilliana Classic Top and Classic Brief!


Click through below pictures to see unique lifting results


Kate, 36

It was hard to believe what Lilliana did to my body. My buttock looks better than a Vogue picture! 

Aurora, 45

The quality of material and beautiful design made me fall in love with Lilliana. 

Martina, 30

I love the quality, will definitely be buying some other styles! Thank you Lilliana for giving me great beach body 

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